Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great New Taxi service in Oxford, Mississippi

Here are the photos of his Taxis
Here's the link:

C A L L: 7 0 1 - 7 0 1 9
Rock Star Taxi & Limo Oxford, Mississippi
Rock Star Taxi & Limo is Oxford's best taxi service. We have awesome cars, and our drivers are awesome. Why ride in Grandma's minivan with a confused old man when you can ride in:
The A-Team Van
Pimp Mobile
1975 Presidential Limo
Many More
Take the party... to the party!
Anywhere on campus = $6/person
Anywhere off campus = $8/person
Happy Hour is 5PM - 9PM = All rides half price
Call for Sunday rates to Tunica, Taylor, and Colonel's Quarters
C A L L: 7 0 1 - 7 0 1 9

Friday, September 11, 2009

Harmonica Jam Camp

Harmonica Jam Camp Seminars
Photo Slideshow of Jam Camp(Requires the Slideshow Plugin)

If You Love Blues Harmonica and Playing The Blues, Join Jon Gindick and His Coaches in the Heart of the Mississippi Delta for a Blues Harmonica Jam Camp.
A Limited Enrollment 5 Day Jamming and Learning Vacation for Diatonic Harmonica Players-- with a Focus on You, the Fundamentals of Blues and the Joys of Jamming. with Jon's Team of Performing and Teaching CoachesJon Gindick of Los Angeles, blues guitar and harmonica Hash Brown of Dallas, blues guitar and harmonica RJ Harman of Denver, blues harmonica Cheryl Arena of Dallas, blues harmonica and vocals Brian Purdy of Florida blues harmonica Adam Gussow of Oxford,Mississippi, blues harmonica and guitar Guitar Mikey and The Real Thing of Clarksdale, MississippiPLUS about 30 fellow "Campers" from all over the world.Mississippi Delta Jam Camps Sept. 8 -12, 2009 and also March 23-27,2010$995.00 for seminar only.Lodging and Food Very Cheap .
About our Mississippi Jam Camps The Mississippi Camps are held at The Shack Up Inn, 3 miles outside of Clarksdale, Mississippi. If you are flying, you will probably want to fly into Memphis, get a ride, or rent a car to drive down "The Blues Highway" (HIghway 61) about an hour an a half to Clarksdale. (We will help you find a drive-mate.)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blues Trail Car Tags

The License Plate Campaign is well on its way to making the next deadline.
The Mississippi Blues Foundation is committed to finding
the number needed to meet the October deadline.
We still need your help to make the plates available January 1, 2010.
The Mississippi Blues Foundation is a 501c3 organization.
Click license plate icon in top right corner of website for order form, also.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pink Floyd

Acoustic Piedmont guitarist and singer Floyd "Dipper Boy" Council wasborn on this day in 1911 in Chapel Hill, NC.The rock band Pink Floyd got their name from the first names of Piedmont Blues men "Pink" Anderson and "Floyd" Council.