Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Duff Dorrough

A benefit fund has been set up at Planters Bank for Duff Dorrough-- the name is " Duff Dorrough Benefit Fund". If you would like to contribute, you can do so by going by Planters or mail check to Planter's Bank, P.O. Box 9, Ruleville, MS 38771. Make Check payable to ' Duff Dorrough Benefit Fund" and put attention to same on the outside of the envelope. Question: call the bank at 1 662 756-4321 ask for Chris West or Amanda Ware.
Also trying to set up a blood drive for Duff. Please keep Duff in your prayers.

Jerry Lee ‘Duff’ Dorrough was born in Memphis Tennessee and raised in Ruleville, Mississippi, the Heart of the Mississippi Delta. Raised up with Blues, Country, Gospel & Pop musical influences, he sang and played drums with local bands throughout high school and college.

The core of Delta musicians that began as The Sausage & Biscuit Boys soon morphed into The Tangents in 1981, featuring Duff with piano man ‘Fish’ Michie and sax player Charlie Jacobs. They stormed the honky tonks from Memphis to New Orleans to the Western states.

Duff formed The Revelators in 2001 with Bobby Harris and Jim Ellis from Drew, Mississippi and the group appeared regularly on Oxford’s Thacker Mountain Radio. The Revelators cut their self-produced cd at Sounds Unreel in Memphis in 2002.

In 2004, Duff released Peace In The Lily of the Valley on Black Dog Records and was invited to join Jim Dickinson in the Thacker Mountain House Band, The Yalobushwackers.

He lives on Sunflower River in The Mississppi Delta and continues to play and record.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Clarksdale Flood of 1897

Clarksdale Flood of 1897

Patsy Hamilton found a letter that was written to a Mr. N. E. Offenheiser of the Yazoo-Miss. Delta Levee Board. The signature on the letter can't be made out. I will be putting the entire letter up on the website soon. This is a small part of the letter which deals with the flood.

On April 4th 1897 about eleven A.M. The Rev. W.B. Murrah stepped before the congregation and made a the announcement that he had a telegram from Tunica advising that the Levee had broken at Flower Lake. The Mayor Mr. Walter Clark, requested all men present to meet him down at the bridge over the Sunflower River at 2nd St. All the men ran from the Church to the River. They started plowing Sunflower St with Oxen and all the men used shovels and hoes to pile the dirt as high as they could all the way down Sunflower to protect the town. 

The men continued to work and it began to rain. The town had enough water from the rain to ride in boats all over town. The town ran out of whiskey. All the men pooled their money and Howell Hopson called B.J. Semmes in Memphis and asked him to send down two barrels of whiskey on the Kate Adams to Friars Point.

The following morning Hopson got into a boat he had tied to a sycamore tree at the top of Cutrer hill. Hopson went to Friars Point for the whiskey, and returned that afternoon about 4 P.M.They rolled out and placed the barrels on the side walk. Each man had his tin cup ready and had a wonderful celebration.   

The water from the flood reached the levee they had erected but not up against it. The town was not washed away.         

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Juke Joint Festival Music Line-up

Juke Joint Festival Weekend!

Hopson Commissary Music Line Up

Friday April 15

9pm- Bruce Brewer & The Deep Water Baptists- main stage

Eden Brent- back porch

Saturday April 16

12 noon- KM Williams & Washboard Jackson

2pm- Paul Ray Thomas

3pm- Deak Harp

4-7- Tullie Brae

9pm- Big George Brock & The Houserockers- main stage

Bearnie Pearl- back porch

Take the train to Hopson

We will have crawfish & BBQ to eat on Saturday

Friday April 22

Willy Waggs


Saturday April 30

One Way Out Band


Hopson Commissary

PO Box 1486

Clarksdale, MS 38614

(662) 624-5756

                                                                        Don't Forget!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pinetop Services

Azzato Pinetop
Joe Willie "Pinetop" Perkins

July 7, 1913 - March 21, 2011

It is with deep sadness that we announce Pinetop Perkins passed away peacefully at home on

Monday, March 21, 2011 in Austin, TX at the age of 97.

Visitation and Funeral Services

Clarksdale, Mississippi

Century Funeral Home - Clarksdale, MS

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The weekly jam at Ground Zero Blues Club will be dedicated to Pinetop in Memoriam.

Donations will be accepted. The jam will be hosted by Philip Carter and the

Blues Underground and is an open jam starting at 8:00PM.


Friday, April 1, 2011 - 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Century Funeral Home

506 Ashton Avenue, Clarksdale, MS 38614


Ground Zero Blues Club will host a reception for friends and fans of

Pinetop from 2:00PM - 6:00PM. Hors d'oeuvres will be served and the

bandstand will be available to anyone who wants to play.

Funeral Service

Saturday, April 2, 2011 - 11:00am

Century Funeral Home or larger venue TBA

506 Ashton Avenue, Clarksdale, MS 38614



Saturday, April 2, 2011 - immediately following funeral service

McLaurin Memorial Garden Cemetery

Highway 61 North

Clarksdale, MS 38614

Celebration of Life and Repast

Saturday, April 2, 2011 - immediately following burial

8:00PM - Music by Guitar Mikey, Billy Gibson, Peter Nunn plus Special Guests

Hopson Commissary

8141 Old Highway 49 S, Clarksdale, MS



Monday, March 21, 2011

Pinetop Perkins RIP

Azzato Pinetop

Joe Willie "Pinetop" Perkins
It is with deep sadness that we announce that Pinetop Perkins passed away on
Monday, March 21, 2011 at his home in Austin, TX.

Arrangements are pending and will be announced as soon as they are formalized.

©2011 Onnie Heaney - Cruzin' the Bluz

Thursday, February 24, 2011

History of the King Cake

History behind the King Cake...

As part of our Christian faith, the coming of the wise men bearing gifts to the Christ Child is celebrated twelve days after Christmas. We refer to this as the Feast of the Epiphany or Little Christmas on the Twelfth Night. This is a time of celebration, exchanging gifts and feasting. Today, the tradition continues as people all over the world gather for festive Twelfth Night celebrations. A popular custom was and still is the baking of a special cake in honor of the three kings called "A King's Cake."

Inside every cake is a tiny baby (generally plastic now, but sometimes this baby might be made of porcelain or even gold). The tradition of having King Cake Parties has evolved through time, and the person who receives the slice of cake with the baby is asked to continue the festivities by hosting the next King Cake party.

Originally, King Cakes were a simple ring of dough with a small amount of decoration. Today's King Cakes are much more festive. After the rich Danish dough is braided and baked, the "baby" is inserted. The top of the ring or oval cake is then covered with delicious sugar toppings in the traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold.

In more recent years, some bakeries have been creative with stuffing and topping their cakes with different flavors of cream cheese and fruit fillings.

January 6, the Twelfth Night after Christmas, is also the day our Mardi Gras season begins. Mardi Gras Day is always 47 days prior to Easter Sunday (Fat Tuesday is always the day before Ash Wednesday).

So, in Louisiana especially, Mardi Gras season and King Cakes go hand in hand with literally hundreds of thousands of King Cakes consumed at parties and office lunch rooms every year.

Ordering King Cakes over the internet has now become an annual tradition by consumers all around the world - and many of our bakers offer them year round. After all, you can't have a Mardi Gras party without a King Cake!

Friday, January 14, 2011

"RIP Ginger" GG

Good-Bye, My Friend 

Oh, Ginger, do you recall,
When you made this house your home?
You were just a ball of fluff,
Not even halfway grown,

You stumbled when you learned to walk,
It was hard to steer four legs;
you learned to sit, and stay, and come,
And, of course, you learned to beg.

You loved those walks we used to take, 
you never left my side;
And if I got my car keys out,
You were ready for a ride.

You sensed when I was happy,
Or was feeling kind of low;
You'd rub up against my knee,
You always seemed to know.

You'd fetch a ball or get a toy,
Without even being told;
But, was you face crestfallen,
If I felt the need to scold.

You found the outside world exciting,
Do you remember your first snow?
You'd not come back inside the house,
Because you loved it so.

Going to the vets for shots,
I guess was your greatest fear:
You seemed to know each scheduled date,
Though you went but once a year.

I never once felt lonely,
As long as you were here;
You were at my feet or at my side,
You constantly were near.

Oh, I am going to miss you,
No question about that;
But, Ginger, for your pain to go,
I had to send you back.

You're going back to heaven now,
From whence long ago you came;
You'll be welcomed back by God, Himself,
Who knows your doggy- name.

I think there's blue hand balls up in heaven,
And rubber, squeaky toys;
And angels who will play with you,
And little girls and boys.

But, there won't be any thunderstorms,
And no vets with shots up there;
You won't even need a leash,
You'll run freely in God's air.

And when my time on earth is done,
And at heaven's gate I'm near,
I don't want any harps or horns,
Just... happy barks to hear.

So, see you later, Ginger,
I'm glad you're now pain-free;
And I'm glad you're sitting next to Jesus,
Now... you wait right there for me.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update to Hambone's Mexican Christmas Party

I recd a thank you note from Linda Love today...(the girl that the Christmas gifts went to for her grandchildren, from Nabors Chev) As I told ya'll, the morning I delivered the gifts to Nabors, she started crying and said that that Hambone was still here taking care of her. I could feel his presence there with me that morning.

Her Note:

"I really am grateful and hope that you know how happy I am to be telling you so."

She wrote::::It is with a sincerely grateful heart that I thank you for the loving gift you gave my family for Christmas. This only goes to show that Christmas is still about Christ and is in your hearts. I pray for you a bounty of blessings and may God always keep you in his hands. With love, Linda Love and Family

She said it was the best Christmas those children had ever had.....I thank all of you, too. Love Patsy

ps...she laughed and told me that a stray dog has shown up at Nabors and she just knows that it is The Hambone, ha