Thursday, July 2, 2009

Italian Club

This is the old Italian Club just outside of Clarksdale Ms. This building is owned by Charlie Monty of Clarksdale. Ronnie Drew(known at Hopson as Donnie Rew) has told me many stories about his good times that he had in the Italian Club back in the 70's.

It is sad to see the building empty and rotting down because it played a big part in the history of the early Italian settlers in Coahoma County.

I have been told that when the early settlers arrived in Coahoma County they needed a support system because they were looked down on as second-class citizens in the area. They were here as farm workers.

The Italian club gave them a place to go to enjoy themselves and to be with other Italians in the area. They worked hard and slowly bought land and are now some of the largest landowners in the area. A real success story and I think that this building may have played a part in their story.

I would love to see some of the stories of events or memories that others have of this building. My only memory was to attend a band practice of the Remains, Ronnie Drew, Tommy Hubbard, Terry Moore, Bird Elliott, and Rich Wall.

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