Wednesday, December 30, 2009

John Busby "RIP"

"Only the good die young" I have heard that said many times. I liked the Billy Joel hit song by that same name. I can't say that I know that it is true. I can say that it seems to happen to offen.
Karr West asked me when I told him the sad news, Who do you think John first went to see when he got HOME. I don't know the answer to that,but, I do think that the first thing John asked was, "Where is the kitchen".
When I first met John I thought that I knew how to cook. I only thought I did. John knew cooking and I learned as much as I could from him.
I think that we will be seeing a lot of very heavy angels from now on. I know that my father will have fun cooking up there with John till I can join them one day.

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