Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blues Harmonica Jam Camp

Gindick's Blues



"Information, Experience, Inspiration"

Hopson Plantation
March 22-26 2011
May 24-28 2011
September 27-Oct 1 2011
So Much to Share!/

I hope that you are happilly harping and jamming

and pursuing your musical dreams.

Please remember that my business is helping you

get better on harp. Don't be shy.

Check out my websites and see your many options.

Damn I've got a lot of websites!

I am very happy to report that we have gotten the Sonny Boy Club

off the ground and in two weeks we have raised over a thousand dollars.

Please check out the website I built (all by myself I might add)

and also the Tutwiler Health Clinic Website.

It's a tremendous opportunity for harp players to make a tangible difference

in the lives of Sonny Boy's people.

Please if appropriate, make a contribution spread the word.

Here's the basic idea.

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